Employment Program’s New Initiatives Make Strides in 2011

The Transitional Jobs Program, the Millionair Club Charity’s newest pilot employment initiative, has so far shown real progress in helping our program participants break the cycle of poverty.

Since the program launched in the summer of 2011, 15 participants have secured permanent employment and 12 participants have attained stable housing.

The Transitional Jobs Program ensures our participants receive a continuing stream of support in housing and employment assistance. This program incorporates research suggesting people need both employment and housing to get themselves on the right path to success.

Participants going through the Transitional Jobs Program engage in an employment training course that includes professional résumé building, job search leads, job interview tips and acquiring other necessary skills to attract the attention of employers.

We do this because we believe our workers deserve all the training, education, treatment services and advocacy they need to succeed. As we move into 2012, the Millionair Club Charity will continue our dialogue with local partners and like-minded organizations to guarantee our organization provides a holistic solution to fighting homelessness and unemployment.

Employers interested in hiring workers through the Transitional Jobs Program can call 206-728-5627 to get more information.

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