Belltown Local Aims to Connect Neighborhood Businesses and Nonprofits with the Community

Belltown Local, a new hyperlocal news blog hosted by Hyperlocal Seattle, recently launched its efforts to connect Belltown residents with local businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The Millionair Club Charity will regularly contribute to Belltown Local once a month as one of out ways to directly engage with our community.

The purpose of Belltown Local is to promote local restaurants, businesses and nonprofits to the community to help ensure economic sustainability. Belltown Local believes that “a sustainable future for the planet begins with cohesive and smart communities, where residents need walk no further than twenty minutes in their own neighborhood to meet all their daily needs.”

Our first story posted on Belltown Local is about the Belltown Street Cleaning Crew. The story talks about Michael, a Millionair Club Charity participant and member of the Street Cleaning Crew, and how finding work through the Millionair Club has helped put him on a better life path.

We hope you regularly check out Belltown Local to get the latest news about our neighborhood.

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