Veteran Millionair Club Charity Movers Offer Advice for Moving Day

Two veteran movers from the Millionair Club Charity’s Day Labor Referral Program offer their advice to homeowners who want a hassle-free moving day.

John, a Millionair Club worker, says careful prep work by a homeowner is important. Little things like indicating where items should go, communicating and planning where you want items to be placed and knowing the dimensions of your new home can go a long way.

“What makes a moving job easier is if the homeowners have their things boxed up ahead of time,” John says. “If certain things are fragile, they should write “fragile” on the outside of the box.”

Moving materials such as forearm straps, bubble wrap, old newspapers, blankets, foam and boxes are easily available at any home improvement store.

Sometimes folks will rent a smaller truck to cut down on costs, observes Abdullah, a Millionair Club worker who once worked for a professional moving company. He says renting an appropriately sized truck can reduce wasted time. “Some people want to save money by renting a smaller truck, but if you have a large move, I recommend renting a larger truck so you don’t have to make multiple trips,” he says.

Most standard moves will need at least three workers, recommends John. “One guy should stay inside the truck to make sure the heavy things go on the bottom and the lighter things go on top,” he says. Two people can handle the heavy lifting while one person should make sure all the items fit safely and efficiently.

“On all jobs, I’m big on safety. We’re safety-conscious. It’s important to make sure you have the proper pads, tools, straps and packing materials,” Abdullah says. “And always lift with your legs and not with your back.”


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