Giving Back to the Community: The Belltown Street Cleaning Crew

Millionair Club Charity workers do more than just provide services for local homeowners and businesses. They’re also giving back to the community.

Twice a week a group of our participants clean the streets of Belltown as part of the Belltown Street Cleaning Crew. One of the crew members, a man named Michael, became homeless after injuring his hand several years ago and was unable to keep his job as a roofer.

After finding day labor jobs through the Millionair Club Charity, today Michael is a reliable member of the Belltown Street Cleaning Crew and has secured permanent housing. Our staff says Michael has new-found confidence is ready to move forward.

“The Boy Scouts taught me to be prepared, the Marines taught me to be faithful, the Army taught me to work hard and the Millionair Club gives me the resources to put all these qualities together so I can excel,” Michael says.

Need help at your home or business this spring or summer?

Hire a worker like Michael today.

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