Shower and Laundry Center Gives Dignity to Our Workers

Most people have heard of the Urban Rest Stop and other generous Seattle-area nonprofits that offer a free place to take a nice, hot shower. But not too many folks know that the Millionair Club Charity also provides these services to the less fortunate right here in our Belltown neighborhood.

Every year more than 3,000 showers are taken at the Donald Lofquist Shower and Laundry Center while about 100 people monthly can do a load of laundry at no cost. Our Hygiene Center is located right in our building, so workers don’t have to travel somewhere else to land a job and eat a meal.

We believe everyone deserves a chance at dignity, even those in our society who have very little. This is our way of serving the immediate needs of the people who walk through our doors.

Our shower and laundry services are reserved for anyone who is scheduled to go on a job. So while a worker is out on a day labor job, their clothing is safely being washed and dried in our building, ready for them to retrieve when they return later that day.

“The [Shower and Laundry Center] is very important to me because I need to take a shower whenever I work the Millionair Club,” says Anthony, a Millionair Club Charity worker.

Trejano, another Millionair Club worker, says it’s convenient for workers to be able to go on a job and do their laundry at the same time.

“It is very important for all of us who use the Millionair Club and its facilities to be clean when we come to our jobs,” says Trejano.

The Shower and Laundry Center is open year-around on weekdays from 6-10 a.m. and is open to workers who are registered in our employment program.

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