Celebrating the Achievements of Our Workers

Since 1882 Labor Day has been celebrated on the first Monday in September to honor the economic and social contributions of the American worker.

This month we are celebrating the accomplishments of our workers by sharing with our supporters some inspiring success stories through our newsletters, blog and Facebook page.

Recently one of our workers, John, was hired full-time by an Alaskan trucking company. After working at day labor jobs through the Millionair Club’s Day Labor Referral Program, John was able to gain practical skills and confidence that made him a valuable hire for this company. He now earns an excellent salary that includes full benefits.

In addition to providing workers with practical job experiences and the opportunities to secure permanent employment, we are also working hard to secure housing for our participants who are homeless. In one year, staff in our Housing Assistance Program has found permanent or transitional housing for 31 men and women in our programs. 

Your loyal support of the Millionair Club Charity makes our work—and these success stories—possible. Thanks for your commitment to our workers.

We will continue to share good news throughout this month. Have a safe and happy fall.

Millionair Club Charity

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