New Partnership with Habitat for Humanity Offers Workers New Job Skills Training

There’s nothing better than when one great cause helps another.

The Millionair Club Charity is proud to announce a new partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Seattle/South King County to offer more work and training opportunities to our workers.

This new partnership came to fruition when we identified mutual needs within our two organizations.

Habitat for Humanity’s work in building housing for low-income families cannot happen without workers with experience in construction, repair, painting, warehouse and maintenance. This is where the Millionair Club steps in, as we can provide the qualified workers needed for Habitat for Humanity’s numerous projects around this area.

Starting this month, our workers will be given the chance to work for Habitat for Humanity for a three-month period to gain practical work experience and valuable skills to strengthen their resumes.

Vernon, who recently found work through our Day Labor Referral Program, can testify to how important it is to gain work experience during this tough job market.

“[The Millionair Club Charity] has gotten me more job experience and I really appreciate the effort that they put into the work services that they provide,” Vernon tells us.

We are excited to launch this new work program that will help build housing for low-income families while giving workers like Vernon more opportunities to land permanent employment.

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