Donate an In-Kind Gift to Help Keep Us in Service

We depend on in-kind gifts from individuals, groups, organizations and businesses to connect workers with jobs, serve meals and provide other essential support services.

If you would like to donate an in-kind item to the Millionair Club Charity, please call 206-957-3855 to schedule a pick-up or drop-off and fill out this In Kind Donation Form and drop it off with your donation.

We accept a variety of in-kind donations:

Food: Your turkey or ham drive can feed hundreds
We serve about 200 meals twice a day Monday through Friday. As one of Seattle’s largest independent meals programs, we’re always grateful for food donations. We receive donations from food banks and grocery stores, but we also rely on meat and canned goods that arrive from organized food drives. We have a special need for food items during the holiday season, such as turkeys, hams, potatoes, pies and much more.

Please call 206-957-3855 if you would like to organize a food drive or arrange a delivery.

Vehicles: Your old car can fuel our operation
Any car that can be towed has value to us, so please consider donating your vehicle to the Millionair Club Charity. A third-party organization sells donated vehicles and gives us the proceeds. If you have title to the vehicle, you can make a hassle-free tax-deductible donation.

Please call 206-957-3855 for more information.

Other services or supplies: Share your items or talents
We welcome in-kind gifts of office supplies, equipment, furniture, printing services, photography services and much more.

Please call 206-957-3855 to inquire about our current needs.

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