From Homeless to Entrepreneurial Construction Contractor

Kenny Swann’s journey from homelessness to becoming an entrepreneurial construction contractor could not have happened without his tenacity, optimistic spirit and knowledge of how to get the job done.

One year ago Kenny came to Seattle from the East Coast with nothing but his bags and the clothes on his back. He came to the Millionair Club Charity and was sent out on a few day labor jobs doing yard work, painting and scraping.

Quickly the Millionair Club Charity’s employment staff saw potential in Kenny’s 30 years of experience in home repair and construction and they sent him on a two-week long temporary job in Burien. Kenny did such a great job on this homeowner’s house, that thanks to word of mouth he was finding work faster than he could accept it!

“Just give me one job. That’s all I need,” Kenny says. “Once I get the chance to show people what I can do, I know things will take off.”

Kenny decided to restart his business, Swannie’s Touch, which he had started in Virginia and North Carolina. Today, Kenny is working hard at remodeling a house in SeaTac. Even better, Kenny recently called the Millionair Club Charity to hire five workers to help him with one of his projects.

For Kenny, it feels like everything has come full circle.

“What comes around goes around. If I bless others, it’ll come back to bless me,” Kenny says.

As of now, Kenny has secure housing and Swannie’s Touch is a booming business. He is a multi-talented contractor who can work on drywall, electrical, framing, millwork, painting and most anything else that needs to be done around the home.

“If you do a job right, the way it’s supposed to be done, work will come to you,” Kenny says. “I feel so blessed. The work keeps coming faster. I’m already booked halfway through next year.”

Anyone interested in learning more about Kenny’s business can contact the Millionair Club Charity at 206-728-5627.

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