Seattle man will jump 30,000 feet for the Millionair Club Charity

Larry Kaminer photo

Larry Kaminer, Seattle businessman and adventurer, will make a 30,000-foot H.A.L.O. (high altitude, low opening) skydive jump to benefit the Millionair Club Charity this August. Only about 120 civilians have ever completed a tandem jump like this before.

At 30,000 feet, which is the typical cruising altitude of commercial airplanes, Larry will freefall for two minutes before deploying his parachute.

Larry is the founder and president of Personal Safety Training Group, a Seattle-based company that offers crime avoidance training to corporate employees and their families. An avid outdoorsman, Larry is doing this jump to raise awareness about the Millionair Club Charity’s work in serving unemployed and homeless men and women in the Seattle area.

Larry’s goal is to raise $30,000–one dollar for every foot he will jump. You can make a donation by visiting Every dollar raised will go directly to benefit Millionair Club Charity workers.

Spread the word by telling your friends, family and coworkers about this unique event!

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