City University of Seattle students mentor Millionair Club Charity workers

Students from the City University of Seattle Enactus team.
Students from the City University of Seattle Enactus team.

Three Millionair Club Charity participants recently secured permanent full-time jobs thanks to help from a new partnership with students from City University of Seattle.

Committed to changing the world with an entrepreneurial spirit, the students are part of Enactus, an international organization that brings together students, academics and business leaders to help people in need through entrepreneurial projects.

The City University of Seattle’s Enactus team works with Millionair Club Charity participants to support them with resume writing, providing job interview tips, setting up e-mail accounts, teaching basic computer skills, identifying employment skills and possible fits and developing an on-going mentorship relationship.

“We work with Millionair Club participants by trying to find job placements for them,” says Monika Petrova, a graduate student and Enactus team leader. “We’re like personal mentors to them.”

The students visit the Millionair Club Charity every other Monday morning to work with our workers. Sandrine Omog, one of the Enactus team members, says she and her fellow students are working hard to serve our workers in the best way possible.

“Working with the Millionair Club is one of the great partnerships Enactus City U has developed,” Sandrine says. “We are definitely planning to continue to find solutions to help the Millionair Club workers lead better and sustainable lives.”

The Enactus team plans to organize a clothing drive on the City University of Seattle campus this summer and will donate all the collected items to the Millionair Club Charity. We look forward to seeing how far this exciting new partnership can go!


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