Larry’s epic 30,000 foot H.A.L.O. jump is a soaring success!

Right before the big jump, Larry and his team make last minute preparations.
Right before the big jump, Larry and his team make last minute preparations.

He did it!

After weeks of excitement and anticipation, Larry Kaminer on Sunday successfully jumped 30,000 feet in the sky to help provide job opportunities, meals and housing assistance to men and women in our community.

Larry’s military-style tandem H.A.L.O. jump (high altitude, low opening) has raised more than $24,000 so far to support our organization’s efforts to rebuild lives in greater Seattle.

“The three seconds we were standing in the open door before we exited the plane were the most breath-taking of my life,” Larry recalls. “It was minus 39 degrees outside when we jumped but I was so pumped up I didn’t even notice the cold.”

After free falling for two minutes, Larry’s parachute deployed and he spent the rest of the fall floating back safely to Earth. Larry personally wants to thank Kevin Holbrook at, his tandem instructor and jump partner Mark Gerlach and his videographer John Forstal for making this jump successful.

So what inspired Larry to make this daring feat on behalf of the Millionair Club Charity?

“I have had the pleasure of hiring people from your organization and was always impressed with their work ethic, reliability and gratitude,” Larry says.

Stay tuned for video of Larry’s jump. Also, it’s still not too late to make a contribution! You can visit to continue the momentum and help us reach our final goal of raising $30,000.

Way to go Larry! Thank you for your courage, bravery and having a big heart to serve people.

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