More than just jobs, meals and housing: A little help can go a long way

Key Bank employees volunteer at the Millionair Charity Club in Seattle

In addition to providing our workers with jobs, meals and housing assistance, the Millionair Club Charity also offers the men and women who come to us a variety of important support services you might not know about.

Our support services are tremendously important in helping remove obstacles for our participants that can get in the way of them finding stable employment and housing. Some of the services our staff provide include:

  • Finding school transcripts
  • Budgeting assistance when someone chooses to move back home
  • Helping set up an e-mail account
  • Helping secure work licenses, such as TWIC and CDL
  • Referrals to legal guidance
  • Vision care vouchers when our Eye Clinic is not open
  • Referrals to substance abuse counseling and domestic violence services
  • Assisting military veterans seeking benefits from the Veterans Administration
  • Nutrition and smoking cessation workshops
  • Diabetes, vision and dental screenings
  • Writing résumés
  • Teaching the basics of using a computer and creating a Word document
  • Instructing job seekers about how to search for work and succeed in interviews

Thank you to our staff, volunteers and community partners who provide our workers with these much-needed services.

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