A former Millionair Club Charity worker welcomes a new granddaughter and a bright future

Danny holding his granddaughter Addie Mae.
Danny holding his granddaughter Addie Mae.

Earlier this spring, Danny Climer became a grandfather to Addie Mae. Along with a new wife, steady employment and being reunited with his family in Eugene, Ore., Danny owes it all to the help he received from the Millionair Club Charity.

“The Millionair Club allowed me to stay afloat financially when economic hard times were upon us,” Danny remembers. “I was at a point in my life where I did not feel desirable as a [worker].”

Danny left Oregon and came to the Millionair Club Charity in 2010 where he entered our Employment Program, working more than 80 day labor jobs in moving, painting, yard work, weeding, siding and other tasks. Danny received an incredible amount of positive feedback from his employers.

In 2012, with guidance from our Employment staff, Danny had saved enough money from his jobs and decided to move back home to Oregon so he could be with his family.

Though he has other grandchildren, Danny’s positive outlook for his future makes little Addie Mae’s birth very special.

“The new and old grandkids fill me with wonder, awe and joy. If my life were any better, I would sprout wings on my feet and soar with the eagles,” Danny says.

Danny is one of the many men and women who come to the Millionair Club Charity looking for an opportunity to rebuild their lives. So far in 2013, we’ve successfully placed 61 workers into full-time or part-time employment and helped 45 individuals secure housing.

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