Eye Clinic once again receives $10,000 grant from RealNetworks Foundation

The Eye Clinic serves more than 350 people annually.
The Eye Clinic serves more than 350 people annually.

We are proud to announce that RealNetworks Foundation has once again awarded the Millionair Club Charity a $10,000 grant to help support the Eye Clinic.

Every year from September through June we help more than 350 individuals receive free eye exams and eyeglasses. Good vision is critical to being successful at a job. Unfortunately, for many folks poor vision is a significant hindrance to landing employment.

The Eye Clinic is our way of addressing this problem directly. Our dedicated team of volunteer opticians and optometrists serve our workers every Thursday to give them these services that are not readily available anywhere else.

“Affordable eyeglasses are very expensive,” says Abdullah, a Millionair Club Charity worker. “A good pair of eyeglasses will help me land a better job.”

This is our second year in a row in which RealNetworks Foundation has given us this grant. We’d like to thank them for sharing our mission of helping rebuild the lives of men and women in our community by improving their vision.

Cynthia, one of our dedicated volunteer optometrists, also shares the belief that improved vision is crucial to securing a good job.

“Being able to see is an important step in getting back on your feet. I am happy to be able to provide this service,” Cynthia says. “The Millionair Club Charity is a valuable resource in the community.”

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