Letter from Executive Director Jim Miller

Jim Miller 1

Dear friends and supporters of the Millionair Club Charity,

It’s been a fulfilling year at the Millionair Club Charity thanks to our donors, volunteers, staff and community supporters.

I’m very pleased to report that in 2013 we helped 89 of our workers rebuild their lives by getting them into regular employment—that’s an 85 percent increase over 2012! More than 400 workers went out on daily work assignments, providing them with confidence and practical on-the-job training. We’re also excited to tell you that 50 men and women who were homeless are now in housing, thanks to assistance from our staff. We helped prevent another 15 individuals from losing their current housing. And, eight more of our participants have received financial assistance to get into permanent housing soon.

A big focus for us last year has been to wrap as many services as we can around our workers to help set them up for success. We expanded our Clothing Closet, where workers can get appropriate clothing for a variety of jobs and also for interviews. We have added new trainings for our workers in a range of practical topics, including many involving worker safety on the job site. More than 500 of our participants received our wraparound services last year.

I like how Ben, one of our workers, summed it up to our staff last summer, “The Millionair Club Charity is everything you need to get back on your feet.”

Our goal for 2014 is to grow our programs with a new focus on social enterprises that can get our workers more quickly on a path to regular good paying jobs while providing the Millionair Club Charity with greater financial security. Our annual goal is to move 100 people into regular employment and to help 100 men and women who are homeless find stable housing in 2014.

I’ve been pleased to see that poverty and income inequality are increasingly becoming national topics of discussion. As we focus on how we can make a greater impact in our local community, we are continuing to look for new ways to partner with other organizations to better meet the needs of people experiencing unemployment and homelessness in the Seattle area. And, we are continuing our programs that provide two hot, nutritious meals to hundreds of people every weekday and shelter space to 80 homeless individuals in our building every evening.

We look forward to a rewarding year of helping people rebuild their lives. Thank you for your continued support.

Happy New Year,

Jim Miller

Executive Director

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