Meet our oldest donor, Joe Epler


When you meet Joe Epler, you see a man who has led a rich and fulfilling life.

At 103 years old, Joe served on the Millionair Club Charity board for 25 years and is still a faithful donor to our organization. Recently members of the Millionair Club Charity board of trustees and staff helped Joe celebrate his 103rd birthday.

When Board President Dan Keto asked Joe why he’s always made it a priority to volunteer during his busy life, Joe says “I can think of only one word – need. There is lots of opportunity to help people in need, but most people don’t recognize it. The Millionair Club Charity always knows the need.”

Born in 1911 in Sherwood, Oregon, Joe was the oldest of five children. When his family struggled through the Depression, Joe left school at age 18 to help support his family. His life took many turns, and he’s had careers as varied as being an aviator to working at the Seattle Fire Department.

But this amazing entrepreneur and family man always found time to help others who are less fortunate. This heart of service brought him to the Millionair Club Charity.

“I have been on many boards of non-profits over the years.  But my 25 years working on the Millionair Club Charity board stands out,” Joe says. “The program has dramatically changed the lives of many over those years and continues to do so.”

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