Letter from the Executive Director

Jim Miller 1

Dear supporters of the Millionair Club Charity,

It is no exaggeration to say that supporters of the Millionair Club Charity in 2014 contributed to a historic year.

For the first time in Millionair Club Charity history, starting in September 2014, the employment program began operation as a temporary staffing agency — no cash allowed! Instead, all workers became “employees” of the Millionair Club, and are paid once a week by the Millionair Club. The great advantage to our workers is that they now have verifiable income that qualifies them for housing, health insurance, and other benefits. A weekly pay check also forces workers to learn how to budget their money – a life time skill!

This fundamental shift in our employment model injected huge positive energy into our program.

  • Just since September 1, contracts with companies like Sports Service — to staff Seahawks games at Century Link – have connected 80 workers to more than 9000 hours of work.
  • Trainings and business license certification have increased dramatically. Just since September, 341 workers took customer service training; 278 workers took safety OSHA training; and 123 workers received their food handlers permits.
  • In 2014, 75 of our 267 workers obtained permanent employment.
  • In 2014, 60 of our workers were placed in permanent housing last year.

And you can expect that 2015 will be another historic year: our Board of Directors is finalizing a strategic plan this month, and all of us look forward to implementing those results to strengthen our supportive employment program. I will also announce the leasing of a Belltown apartment building. Workers in our employment program will be able to rent a room in the building and live there for up to two years, with the requirement that they work each week. Having dependable access to housing for our workers is invaluable, and I believe, will greatly enhance their chance for employment success. You’ll hear more about this new enhancement of our employment program later this year.

Working in our community to rebuild the lives of men and women through jobs and other support services for 93 years has established the Millionair Club Charity with a solid reputation for a successful employment program. But I expect to continue building on that reputation and make our employment model even more effective for the people we serve.

Thank you for your support — and stand by for more invention and innovation in 2015.


Jim Miller
Executive Director

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