Jerzy’s Story: Finding a base to achieve his dreams


Jerzy is a young man with high aspirations. Born and raised in Gabon in Central Africa, he earned his Master’s Degree in business administration at City University of Seattle but struggled to find employment after graduation. However, his work with CityU’s ENACTUS team put him on our Employment Program’s radar screen.

Back in 2012 Jerzy worked with Rhonda Kopelli, our Director of Employment and Training, to create a business plan for the Millionair Club Charity’s new job readiness programs. In the meantime, he earned his Master’s Degree in business administration with an emphasis on sustainable business and graduated in July of 2014.

Unfortunately, Jerzy struggled to find employment after leaving school. He remembered the Millionair Club Charity’s employment program and decided to reach out for help.

“I went through the application process and I was put in the system. [Rhonda] found me the job at Diamond Parking,” Jerzy says.

Diamond Parking Services hired Jerzy full-time in January of 2015 as a valet. The job allows him to pay rent, buy groceries and take care of other living expenses. That doesn’t mean he’s done advancing his career, though. Jerzy still desires to work in his chosen field of study.

“Long term, I want to go into the environmental field and the green movement. I’m into marketing research, data analysis and marketing analysis. This is what I want to do,” he says.

Jerzy is actively sending out applications for jobs and internships in sustainable business. He understands the challenge of securing a job in today’s employment market, but in the meantime he’s thankful for the Millionair Club Charity and recommends our organization to people he encounters who are struggling to find work as he once was.

“Thanks to the Millionair Club, I’ve been able to find a job. I believe it helps me live and take care of myself and pursue my dreams,” Jerzy says. “I’m very passionate about the environment.”

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