Meet Betty: Long-time donor issues a Hobart Mixer challenge

Meet Betty, a long time supporter of the Millionair Club Charity.
Meet Betty, a long time supporter of the Millionair Club Charity.

Since 1949, Betty Wagner has supported the Millionair Club Charity’s multifaceted approach to touching lives of men and women in greater Seattle.

“People who need a job, need a place where they can find a job,” Betty says. “However, if people are ever going to be able to make anything of themselves, they need a place to live, take care of their health, and be educated.”

Betty continues to support the Millionair Club Charity because she thinks our combination of job training, hot meals and housing assistance is a smart approach to philanthropy.

“Now that the Millionair Club Charity has the Kasota apartments, they have all the components to assist people to connect successfully with work,” Betty says.

On a recent visit to the Millionair Club Charity, Betty noticed the kitchen’s Hobart Mixer – an important piece of equipment that helps us serve 89,000 hot meals each year – was so old that replacement parts were no longer available if anything were to break. Betty donated $500 to kick-start a replacement fund for the $2,000 needed to buy a new mixer.

“I hope others will join me,” she says.

Thank you, Betty! So, what’s your story? Why do you donate? Share your inspirational story by e-mailing Chris at

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