Serving the most influential people in the world

An event catered by Compass Group.
An event catered by Compass Group.

When the biggest and most influential corporations in the world need food services for their employees, events and special visitors, few do it better than Compass Group.

Compass Group is an international food service management company with more than 220,000 associates across North America alone. One of them is located in Redmond on the Microsoft campus. The task of having to feed tens of thousands of employees daily means Compass Group consistently needs new help to get the job done.

So naturally when Tim O’Brien, Compass Group’s director of operations, catering and a former Millionair Club Charity board member, is looking for new workers to join his staff, he comes to us for assistance.

“We deal with many temp companies and so far the [Millionair Club Charity’s] professionalism and excellent tools are better than the more established organizations,” says Tim.

The workers who have been hired by Compass Group do kitchen prep, cooking, delivery, and event support/logistics. Tim has only kind things to say about our temp-to-hire staffing program.

“Many of our best employees have come from the Millionair Club,” he says.

When our workers first step onto the premises of the Microsoft campus, they immediately hit the ground running to feed all the people spread across 120 buildings. Compass Group feeds everyone, ranging from entry level employees to the CEO and foreign dignitaries. In fact, Tim’s team was responsible for catering the visit of Xi Jinping, the President of China who travelled to the area in late September.

Many restaurants and catering companies tell us they need more and more workers skilled in the food industry, but often struggle to fill their needs. The Millionair Club Charity’s Employment Program is working diligently to train and connect our workers to jobs that are actively hiring right now. Our partnership with Compass Group is a step in that direction.

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