Help rebuild a life – Hire a worker

Last month, 7 men found a permanent job through the Millionair Club Charity’s supportive employment program.Dylan was one of the 7.

Dylan Turk compass kitchen microsoft campus

In January, Dylan got a job as a cook for the caterers that serve the Microsoft campus.  He had been living in his van for about a month when he came to the Millionair Club.  He said he had no money and no connections and was beginning to get depressed. “The nice security guard at the MCC made me feel safe; and  the good food and cheerful people in the employment program made me feel powerful and positive.”

With MCC’s help, Dylan obtained his food handler’s card, alcohol server license, and work clothes.  After two months working the concessions at Century Link stadium, he was offered a permanent job at Compass Catering, who services the Microsoft Campus. “People like me want change, we’re not showing up to waste time, we want to change our lives.  We’ve made choices, but now we want change, we want help. We’re to the point where we realize we need to ask for help,” Dylan said.

By choosing to fill your employment and household help needs at the Millionair Club Charity, you are contributing to the future of people like Dylan. You are helping to provide regular meals, job coaching, clothing and hygiene services, and stability to others like him.

“It’s not about what’s your past — let’s not dwell on that.  Let’s look forward and show you how to overcome your problems – the MCC is a problem solver,” Dylan said.

Problem solve with us, for the members of our community who need it most. Request a worker here.

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