“This gives me hope.”

job club class deanna croppedThe kick-off of a new training series at the Millionair Club Charity called “Job Club” was a great success! Fifteen Millionair Club Charity workers were fully engaged with the interactive knowledge that was being presented by trainer Deanna, who showed how creating new habits with positive outcomes can help move people towards their goals. Among some of the wonderful feedback from job club attendees, “this gives me hope,” resonated amongst many.

Job Club- Three Phases of Trainings

“Job Club” Phase 1–   weekly for 6 weeks-1.25 hours each

This session will cover the basics of resume structure, job skills, safety, and employer expectations in today’s job market. Moving, Housekeeping, Yard Maintenance and earned certificates. Guest speaker/trainers

“Career Club”- Phase 2– weekly for 6 weeks-1.50 hours each

Builds on phase ones topics but gets deeper. This session will include introduction to personal finance, and guest speakers/trainers to give applications of skills to a specific job fields.

 “Executive Club”- Phase 3- weekly for 6 weeks-2.0 hours each

More in depth job specific trainings such as Moving, Housekeeping, Yard Maintenance and earned certificates. Money Management, and life skills and leisure time management.

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