Demolition begins today to create new Shower & Laundry Center

Demolition began today at the Millionair Club Charity, to replace the old Shower and Laundry Center with a new facility that will TRIPLE the capacity to help men and women clean up and be ready for work.

A good example of the kind of person to whom a shower and laundry facility is vital before they can be ready for employment, is Robert.

“I was sleeping under a pine tree in Seattle, and at night it gets cold. But when you walk through the door of the Millionair Club Charity, and you get into a hot shower — it’s a luxury,” says Robert.

Until recently Robert lived on the street. The Millionair Club Charity (MCC) helped him find work. But, step one to helping Robert become job ready was a hot shower.

Unfortunately it has become increasingly difficult for people like Robert, who are homeless, to access a shower and laundry in downtown Seattle. Did you know:

  • In 2016, 2,942 men, women and children live without shelter in Seattle – an increase of 19% over last year*
  • 728 men and women are enrolled in the MCC’s supportive employment program
  • 59% of the MCC workforce are homeless – with no access to shower or laundry
  • There are only 10 shower and laundry facilities in downtown Seattle

“Imagine trying to go out on a job with dirty clothes,” points out MCC Executive Director, Jim Miller. “We’re trying to provide people who are homeless – but want to work – with the additional support services they need to be successful in their quest for permanent employment and housing.”

Unfortunately the Shower and Laundry facility at the MCC has only 3 shower stalls and 2 washer dryer sets. That’s why the MCC is renovating to TRIPLE the capacity of people they can serve and help become job ready.  The MCC’s new shower and laundry center will feature:  6 new sinks; 6 new showers; 12 commercial grade washers and dryers; new duct system; and a new floor.

“Without assistance from our donors the shower and laundry renovation would not be possible,” continues Jim.   “For example, The Celebrity Waiters Luncheon organization raised $150,000 towards the $300,000 project cost.  Our community of supporters has been inspirational.”

And just ask Robert what effect the showers at the MCC have had on his life. “The men do take pride in working for the Millionair club. They really do, they try their very best to look their best with what they have. Showers in the morning really change the attitude of a man. They wash away a lot of negative emotion.”

The MCC eventually helped Robert achieve his goal of a permanent job – working in property management at a housing complex.

“I hope that the increased capacity of the shower and laundry center will help many people rebuild their lives through finding a job,” smiles Jim. “ I am so happy that the new shower and laundry center will open in Spring 2016 and be open to anyone in the community.”


*Seattle King County Coalition on the Homeless, One Night Count 2016

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