Protecting Workers at Highest Risk

Annie B Stills-2 Brian

FACT: Did you know in 2015, the MCC connected 758 workers with 11,295 temporary job assignments fulfilling the needs of over 1,100 employers in the greater Seattle area?

Not everyone knows that temporary workers are at higher risk for workplace injuries. In fact, moving between a variety of jobs and constantly orienting themselves to new sites is a constant challenge to temporary workers’ safety.

That’s why we’re so happy to announce that MCC Safety Representative Tracey will be holding an OSHA – 10 hour certification class on March 28 and 29. Workers who take this intensive 10-hour training become certified in recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces.  The program also provides information regarding workers’ rights and employer responsibilities.  This intensive OSHA-10  training is in addition to a required safety orientation received by all workers.

“We know that temporary workers are at higher risk for workplace injuries,” points out Tracey. “Here at the Millionair Club Charity, we take our responsibility very seriously to ensure our employees have a safe and healthy work environment.  The OSHA-10 General Industry Training will give our employees more tools to be successful AND safe at each job-site.”

You can hire a worker today by calling 206-728-5627 or online at

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