February’s Super Successes

This month we have placed seven workers in permanent positions! Congratulations to Dylan, Felicia, Gershon, Jose, Joseph, Skylar, and Tory! These workers have shown initiative by proving themselves in temporary positions, and, through their hard work, were offered permanent jobs. They’ve met the goal we hope to reach with all of our workers.


We’d also like to thank the following organizations for being our top temporary worker employers in February:


Delaware North Sportservice hired 180 of our workers for Century Link sports events. http://www.delawarenorth.com/industries/sports


Compass Group hired 36 of our workers for culinary positions. http://www.compass-group.com/


Citywide Painting, Inc hired 34 of our workers for painting and construction jobs. http://www.citywidepainting-dec.com/


LIHI hired 15 of our workers for apartment and housing maintenance. http://lihi.org/


Tom Douglas hired 10 of our workers in food service positions. http://tomdouglas.com


We’re grateful for the support we are receiving from our local community- we wouldn’t be able to provide jobs for our workers without it!

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