Swedish Meatballs!

This Wednesday, the Millionair Club Charity will celebrate its 95th birthday with a heritage meal in the heart of Belltown! 

It was a blustery Seattle morning when Millionair Club founder Martin Johanson caught a glimpse of the Belltown breadline from his 4th story window. Seeing the slumped shoulders of these hungry men and women, Johanson was inspired to offer more than just a handout to Seattle’s needy. “THERE MUST BE A BETTER WAY,” he concluded. And with that, the Millionair Club Charity was born. Since 1921, the MCC has remained a place where hot meals coexist with opportunities for employment.

Johanson understood the value of charity, but as the son of hard-working Swedish immigrants, he believed equally in the transformative power of a job well done. This Wednesday, in honor of Johanson and in collaboration with The Swedish Club, we will be serving Swedish meatballs to all those seeking a hot and nutritious meal! 

Swedish volunteers - plate of food.jpg

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