What’s in a name?

Have you ever wondered why we drop the “e” in Millionair? This unique spelling dates back to the early days of the Millionair Club Charity. Read on to discover the reasoning behind this unconventional name.

The story goes that our founder, Martin Johanson, named his organization  “The Millionair Club Charity” because he believed that helping others could make anyone feel like a million bucks. This was a matter of moral (not material) wealth. Johanson got rid of the “e” because he did not want anyone thinking that his organization was snooty or elitist. This was a different sort of “club,” a place where hard work and charitable service would be valued over social status and material wealth. Everyone was welcome!

That’s the story, but does it stand up to investigation? We found this newspaper ad in our archives. It was published in the Seattle Star on April 5, 1921. (That’s right, almost 95 years ago!) In the ad Johanson has something to say about the name “Millionair.”

Historian’s hint: look no further than the first paragraph.

Millionar 3.jpg

Want more Millionair history? Check out this online article and find out what Johanson almost called his “Millionair Club.”


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