Johanson Tells All!

Late breaking news, just in time for tomorrow’s birthday festivities: our founder, Martin Johanson tells the story of the Millionair Club name in his own words! We found something fascinating in the archives of the Seattle Daily Times. The times ran a story commemorating the almost 60th birthday of the Millionair Club Charity (that was back in 1980). Johanson was 92 at the time but he still had a lot to say! Read all about it right here:

“…we decided on the millionair club. But there was a catch to it. The minute you say Millionaire, you think of a guy with a million bucks. It means riches. That would be misleading. So we suggested we lop the ‘e’ off. Then we had to get a new definition for millionair without the ‘e.’ We gave this definition: a ‘millionair’ is a person with a happy heart, happy because he can help or happy because he can be helped.” -The Seattle Times, October 04, 1980.

Exhibit A: Just a few of our modern day millionairs!

Group shot 4.jpg

Exhibit B: From our very own MCC archives (Dated 4/05/1921)


Full Citation

The Seattle Times, October 04, 1980: 8, accessed March 22, 2016,


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