In-Unit at the Kasota Apartments

Beyond shelter at the MCC’s Kasota Apartment

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At the Millionair Club Charity we believe that housing is vital to the success of our workers – a peaceful place to sleep; secure storage for belongings; and the ability to shower and do laundry. You might take these things for granted, but just imagine going to work every day without them!

Housing is crucial for individuals striving towards long term employment, and yet; so many MCC workers are homeless (60%). That’s not surprising: the average waitlist time for low-income housing in Seattle is 18 months to 2 years! In 2015 the Millionair Club Charity responded to this crisis by opening the doors of our Kasota Apartment building. Let’s hear from Arthur, one of our hardworking residents:

“It all happened just like that! [Housing] would have taken months through any other organization, but I was able to move in four days early with a grace period for rent. That’s huge. When I got those keys, I was like, man is this really happening? When you’ve been homeless you know, and then you have a place to stay, it’s just a stellar moment.”

Our residents enjoy speedy placement and pay a heavily subsided rent of just $500. Kasota is a transitional housing project, and our residents live in the building for up to two years. During that time, residents are able to rebuild their credentials as reliable tenants. Proof of stable tenancy allows them to secure future housing!

At Kasota, our goal is to maximize the life changing impact of housing by ensuring the highest quality of life for every resident. Each unit has a small kitchenette with a microwave, sink and mini-refrigerator. Shower and laundry facilities are free and can be enjoyed dormitory style within the building.

It’s all included, in-unit, so our residents can focus on stabilizing their lives through long-term or permanent job placement!


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