Game Day!

Give Big. Give Now-May 3rd.Click here. 

Seattle Sports & Supportive Employment! 

G is for Game Day and that means JOBS for Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered. At the Millionair Club Charity, we love our Seahawks, Sounders, and Mariners, and they love us back: Century Link and Safeco are two of our top employers. Since July, MCC workers have clocked almost 50,000 hours serving up concessions at your Seattle stadiums and arenas!

Check out MCC workers Robert and Sophia, on the Job at Century Link:


Employment has always been the centerpiece of the Millionair Club Charity’s mission and we are proud to support employment opportunities for Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered. Last year the Millionair Club Charity connected 758 workers to 11,295 work assignments.

G is for Game Day! Give BIG and help the MCC connect Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered with life changing employment! 
trio GREAT stadium bkgd close up

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