Thank You Give BIG Supporters

Champions for Seattle Homeless

On behalf of Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered, the Millionair Club Charity thanks you for supporting transformative employment during Give BIG 2016!

This year’s campaign was full of ups and downs, but through all the technical difficulties, YOU kept giving. (Over $20,000. Wow!) Thank you to the charitable champions who tirelessly pressed the re-fresh button, and to those mavericks of compassion who went their own way, back to the Millionair Club’s classic donation page!

This year, the goal was $15,000 in support of Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered. But you didn’t just achieve that goal, you blew right past it! Your combined support on May 3rd and May 4th brought in OVER $20,000! And with a partial match in the pipeline (thanks Seattle Foundation) that number will grow even bigger.

What does your support means for Seattle’s homeless and unsheltered? Let’s hear from Arthur, an MCC worker who achieved housing and full-time employment in the food industry through our programs:

“The other programs were just stagnant. That’s the thing about the Millionair’s Club, they go out of their way for you, they make it happen. And when you give me a chance I just take off like a rocket.”

Arthur C. Holding Pot 2.jpg


It’s donors like you who make the MCC so unique. You provide critical support services that empower job seekers like Arthur to lift themselves out of homelessness. There is a crisis of homelessness in our Seattle community, and your support of the Millionair Club Charity makes you a vital part of the solution.


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