Shared Vision: Now a Reality

This week at the Millionair Club Charity, family members of the late R. Danner Graves paid a visit to our new Shower & Laundry Facility. Mr. Graves played a crucial role in the creation of the new facility, and the Laundry Room will proudly feature a plaque commemorating Danner’s contribution.

Executive Director, Jim Miller visits with family members of R. Danner Graves

As a member of the MCC Board of Trustees, Mr. Graves had a strong, working relationship with our Executive Director Jim Miller. Jim explains the friendship like this:

“I met Danner over a shared enthusiasm for showers – not our own, of course; but the need for hygiene centers that could help people who are homeless get a shower and wash their clothes, so they could be ready for work. Danner joined our board determined to help expand and renovate our old hygiene facility. Danner’s vision is now a reality: the new Shower and Laundry Center at the Millionair Club Charity has TRIPLE the capacity to help men and women who are homeless in our community.” The improved facilities include: 12 stacked washer/dryers; 6 showers;  6 sinks; new floor; new air ducts; and handicapped accessibility. 

We mourn for the loss experienced by Danner’s family, but we are honored that the family visited the MCC and helped us celebrate the life of this philanthropic champion. Danner’s legacy of caring and compassion lives on at the Millionair Club Charity.

Pops_Obit Photo
Philanthropic Champion, R. Danner Graves
Brand New! 12 Stacked Washer/Dryers at the MCC


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