Save Big w/ Safety @ the MCC

Safety Alert! Overexertion is the # 1 reported workplace injury in the U.S., and the repetitive motion injury (you can get an RMI just by typing) is # 9.

Hazards in the Workplace are real no matter how “safe” a job seems. The good news: the Millionair Club Charity will be holding a series of two-day Occupational Health and Safety Trainings.* The upcoming sessions at the MCC (usually $80) are FREE to members of our employment program; and only $40 per trainee for interested businesses. This deal is a real lifesaver, and that’s NO joke. Despite OSHA regulations, 13 Americans die on the job EVERY DAY. That # should be zero.

Dates are: June 13/14; June 27/28; July 11/12; July 25/26.

Please Email for more info, or to schedule a training for YOUR business.

You’ve probably heard the name OSHA, but did you know: since OSHA’s inception in 1970, the rate of workplace injury & illness in the U.S. has decreased by 66% (even though overall employment rates have doubled).Discover more life saving facts about workplace health & safety: OSHA Health & Safety Training

*The specific training is the OSHA 10 Hour, General Health and Safety Training.

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