The MCC Vision Clinic


Keith- Vision Clinic (2)

Last fall, Keith found himself living in a Seattle shelter, struggling to get by.

He visited the Millionair Club Charity’s Vision Clinic to get a pair of free prescription eyeglasses. Keith was so happy when his glasses came in the mail a couple of weeks later, and he wanted to pay it forward; for the past three months Keith has been spreading the word about the MCC Vision Clinic! Every week he brings in a couple of friends to get glasses of their own!

Keith has such a generous heart and he does a lot to lift up others who are experiencing homelessness. Keith brings small donations to the MCC, like socks, and every week he helps distribute lunches, hygiene kits and shoes at the Westlake Shopping Center. When it comes to the Vision Clinic, Keith has helped about thirty individuals get the eyeglasses that they desperately needed. Why does he do it, especially when he has his own hardships to worry about? Keith says that in the past, others have helped him and he wants to spread that kindness. We love seeing Keith each week!

Deanna Vision (2)

Deanna has been a volunteer in the MCC computer lab for the past six months. Deanna is near-sighted, so she has no problem working with computers to help others with resumes, applications, and food handlers’ permits, but Deanna didn’t realize how bad her distance-vision had become. When she put on her new prescription glasses, Deanna started crying. “I was so happy that I could see the trees and mountains on the other side of the Puget Sound.” Thank you Deanna for your help in the computer lab! We are so glad that you could benefit from the MCC’s free and subsidized vision services.

Did you know: the Millionair Club Charity is one of the ONLY nonprofits in Seattle offering FREE, onsite eye screenings and eyeglasses to homeless and low income individuals. The Clinic serves nearly 500 individuals every year.



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