Why are eyeglasses so important?

Yelena (right) and Donovan have both received glasses from our Vision Clinic.

If you can’t read the words on a job application – it’s difficult to get on a path to success. Thanks to the hard work and support of volunteers, donors and Walman Optical, we are able to run a Vision Clinic at Millionair Club Charity (MCC) that not only offers free exams, but also free eyeglasses for our workers and anyone in need. We are the only permanent clinic that offers free glasses to those in need in the Seattle area.

“Each week I get to see a lot of happy and appreciative people come in, get their eyes checked, and pick out frames,” said Lauren Kubik, who helps coordinate MCC’s client services. “Working in the Vision Clinic is my favorite part of my job.”

Many people who live in poverty or experiencing homelessness can get free eye exams, but it is very difficult to pay for or find affordable glasses. At our Vision Clinic, anyone in need can make an appointment and gets to pick something personal that fits their needs or style. We get the privilege of seeing our clients’ reactions when they see the beautiful selection of frames.

Volunteers Jackie & Redick near our collection of frames we have available.

“For some people, this is the first time they have ever had their eyes checked,” Lauren said. “It feels good to be a part of something that really impacts peoples’ day to day lives.”

For the past 26 years, MCC’s Vision Clinic opens once a week from September through June. Over the last year, we provided 570 people with free prescription frames, serving 90 more people than we served in the prior year.

Know someone in need of glasses or vision care? Call 206-728-5627 to set up an appointment when our clinic reopens in September.

Making the Vision Clinic possible are more than 35 volunteers, which include opticians, optometrists and others who dedicate their time each week to making things run smoothly.

Thank you to all who support our Vision Clinic and make it possible! You too can help our community get on the path to rebuilding lives – learn about ways to give to our programs.

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