“Kindness Begets Kindness” – Coming Together for Those in Need

If you’ve walked through downtown Seattle recently, or actually any neighboring city or suburb, you’ve probably passed by someone in need and thought, “How can I help? How can I make a difference?”

2016’s Employee of the Year, Arthur Valenzuela. When given the chance, Arthur’s career trajectory “took off like a rocket.”

While the issues of homelessness and poverty are complex and require many interventions to solve, it is simpler than you may think to be part of the solution. With so many organizations in our region working to uplift those facing serious challenges, businesses, community organizations and people like you are coming together to support each other in lifting up those in need.

Our Chef Showcase & Employment Excellence Awards event gives our supporters – people like you, local businesses and more – the opportunity to come together to celebrate the collective successes within the Millionair Club Charity community. We get to honor one of our exemplary workers, an employer that helps create opportunity for workers, and a community partner whose support is invaluable to rebuilding lives, one job at a time.

Thank you to Harborstone Credit Union for sponsoring the 2017 Chef Showcase & Employment Excellence Awards!

We couldn’t put on this event without even more support from our community. We’re grateful to have groups like Harborstone Credit Union making the 4th Annual Chef Showcase & Employment Excellence Awards a possibility.

“Harborstone Credit Union appreciates the great work the Millionair Club does for our diverse community,” said Mark Minickiello, Harborstone’s Vice President of Community Development. “We’re also fortunate to have one of our team members, Mike Paul [MCC board member], so deeply engaged in the organization’s volunteer activities to support those in need of a helping hand.”

This year we are also proud to partner with Michelle Esteban, anchor and reporter for KOMO 4 News, who will serve as the emcee/host for the event.

Michelle Esteban, Anchor & Reporter for KOMO 4 News, will be the host/emcee for the evening.

“We often see problems around us and say, someone should do something about that,” Michelle said. “I’m thrilled to partner with the Millionair Club Charity, a team who isn’t saying someone should do something, they’re actually doing it. Kindness begets kindness.”

Attending the Chef Showcase & Employment Excellence Awards is guaranteed to be an enjoyable, tasty and uplifting evening. But more importantly, your attendance means you are supporting efforts to help those facing barriers to employment get job ready and on the path to self-sufficiency.

Be part of the unique jobs-first approach to homelessness – get your tickets today and enjoy food from Huxley Wallace Collective, Ezell’s Famous Chicken, Ethan Stowell Restaurants and Sweet Iron Waffles, along with expert wine pairings from Alexandria Nicole Cellars and delicious desserts from Seattle Sorbets. We hope to see you there!

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