How MCC Helped Steve Find His Path to Success 25 Years Ago

Steve with his Millionair Club Charity ID card from 1993.

Earlier today, our friend Steve Rhoades stopped by MCC. He shared the remarkable story of how almost 25 years ago, Millionair Club Charity helped him end a cycle of 15 years of homelessness.

“In 1993, you gave me my first job in years. You gave me breakfast and a sack lunch. After two days of work, I said to myself, “Maybe I can come out of this?” It gave me hope, and having a chance to work gave me a reason to sober up. And I’ve been sober ever since.”

A resident of Bainbridge Island, Steve continues to volunteer his time to help people who are struggling with homelessness and addiction, especially fellow veterans who are suffering from PTSD.

As for Seattle’s homelessness crisis, Steve sees hope, rather than despair.

“People see the homeless, they see the ‘train wreck,’ but they don’t see the miracles that are happening because of places like MCC,” Steve said.

To celebrate a quarter century of sobriety, stable housing and employment, Steve has big plans for giving back to the organization that helped him rise out of homelessness and poverty. In  June 2018, Steve plans to paddle from Bainbridge Island, WA, all the way to Ketchikan, Alaska, and ride his bicycle back, while raising funds for MCC. Read more about his remarkable journey to success on his website.

Thank you, Steve—and thanks for continuing to volunteer to help people in our community overcome homelessness, unemployment, and addiction. You’re an inspiration!

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