Growing & Learning Every STEP of the Way

“This program has helped me rebuild confidence and learn how to be more consistent with working toward my long-term goals,” Connie said. “Even though I’ve had setbacks I came back and kept working with Tess, and the workshops are so helpful.”

Picture of MCC worker Connie

Meet Connie: Connie is described as “patient and determined” by Tess Sebastian, MCC’s employment specialist. She came to MCC seeking more stability and connections to available jobs. She learned about our Strategy, Training, Employment and Performance Program, and immediately set out to reach the Platinum level.

“I learned more about safety and different jobs that were available, what steps I should take,” Connie said. “I’ve been more productive and become a better person and a better worker. The STEP program gave me a pathway.”

Connie has made it to the Platinum level of STEP and is eligible to be a crew lead on jobs and make $14 an hour! She worked her way through Bronze, Silver and Gold up to Platinum by attending workshops on safety, interpersonal communication and other skills that helped her grow and learn.

Help workers like Connie along their pathway to success: this holiday season, make a contribution that provides access to housing support, meals, laundry, showers, clothing and other vital support services so that they are ready for work. We’re lucky to have a $4,000 matching gift thanks to two generous donors for Giving Tuesday, so your dollars will go farther if you make your gift by November 28!

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