Request a Worker

The Millionair Club Charity’s Temporary Staffing Solutions helps over 1,100 employers each year get the workers they need, for daily, long term, and permanent jobs.

Every worker has a local and national background check, is legal to work in the United States.  Workers also receive safety training and we do our due diligence to ensure job sites fit the standards established by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries.

Hire today! Request a worker online Request a Worker or call 206-728-JOBS (5627). Office hours are Monday through Friday, 6:30 am to 5:pm, and Saturday, 6:30 am to 10:am.  You can also leave a message anytime.


Residences and Non-profit organizations:  $17.00 per hour; Businesses:  $19.50 per hour.

The Millionair Club Charity pays the workers and invoices you weekly.  The Millionair Club Charity covers L&I, Social Security and unemployment insurance. Our workers receive a starting wage of $12 per hour.

Most of our workers rely on the bus to reach their job site. If a bus transfer is necessary, we may suggest that the workers be picked up at a nearby Park and Ride. Our goal is for you to meet the workers with minimal disruption.

Important Message About our Employment Program and the Direct Payment Option:

Contractors release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Millionair Club Charity, together with their agents, employees, officers, and assigns the Millionair Club Charity from and against any loss, claims, damages and expenses, including reasonable attorney’s fees, which the Millionair Club Charity may incur to the extent arising from the contractor’s negligence or misconduct (including, but not limited to, any violations of state or federal wage and hour laws) or the negligence or misconduct of the Millionair Club Charity’s employees.

Please notify our office promptly if you have any questions or concerns. While we do not guarantee the competence or abilities of the workers, service satisfaction is very important to us.

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